Who are we?

Rush & Wynn® are totally independent Mortgage and Finance Brokers. We are able to help most companies looking to expand either by acquisition to refinance their existing businesss or investment portfolio. We have been trading for many years and have no ties with insurance companies or banks, we are therefore able to give our clients an unbiased service.

We will use all diligence and take such action as is necessary and appropriate in protecting our clients? interests and at all times respect the confidentiality of information supplied.

We specialise in Commercial Mortgage, Trade, Business and Building Finance and have a wide range of personal contacts with major banks and other financial institutions. We constantly review the facilities available through our network of specialist lenders, including overseas banks, in order to obtain the most competitive terms and conditions for our clients specific requirements.

We take pride in providing a fast, efficient, tailor-made service.

We have links in both North America and Spain, if you require services in either of these areas please get in touch.